With Just a Few Supplies, Make This DIY Doily Lantern For Your Home

ou might think of doilies are old fashioned and outdated but they can be quite decorative and romantic when you use them with a modern twist- like this one. Lamps are one of my favorite home pieces and what better way to highlight those unique lace patterns in a lamp! Let’s make Doily Lanterns!

For this DIY, you will need doilies, a balloon, petroleum jelly, Elmer’s glue, water, flour, and a light kit. You will also need the following tools a mixing bowl, paint brush, mixing spoon, measuring spoon, straight pin, and scissors.

Sarah from Socraftastic starts off by blowing up the balloon and securing it. After she adds a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the balloon to ensure the doily does not stick, and sets it aside. Next in a bowl, she mixes Elmer’s glue, 1 tablespoon of flour, and two tablespoons of water.

She then places the doily on the top of the balloon centering it in the middle. She applies a layer of the glue mixture to the doily. She continues adding more doilies painting them on until the entire balloon is covered. She then allows the balloon to dry thoroughly.

Amazingly, she pops the balloon and the doilies stay in place. She inserts the light bulb and flips the switch.

I am truly amazed by this craft. Isn’t it gorgeous?


Full Article : http://www.jumblejoy.com/diy-dolly-lantern

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