All about Electrical Wires and Cords

Hiding cords, reusing wires

Scrap Electric Wire_3624

Cords, cords, cords. (Photo Credits)

Electrical wires are an everyday thing. They could be annoying though when they are unkempt. Build Safe    

The website Hi! Sugar Plum though has a solution that will help keep lamp cords out of sight.

“How to Hide Pesky Lamp Cords….Let me preface this by disclaiming I am in NO WAY an authority on this subject, so follow my lead at your own risk! (That pretty much applies to everything I do and say on this blog!) Hiding the cords in my Living Room is kind of a two-parter….and requires a split cord extension and some tiny, clear Command hooks.”

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Wires as Accessories

Jewelry Making Journal meantime showed a great way to make use of wires. Electrician                 

“An earring wire needs to be comfortable and durable. Here’s a quick guide to the recommended metals and wire gauges for pierced earring findings.”

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Pet Health Network meantime gave cat owners tips as to what can they do when their pets start chewing on electrical cords.

“A dangerous household item cats often chew is electrical cord and wire. As with plastic bags, cats can find the oral sensation of chewing on cords pleasant. Kittens in particular can chew cords as part of their exploratory development. Chewing on cords is a dangerous activity that should be actively prevented as it presents a choking hazard, as well as the possibility of injury and death from electrocution. It also can obviously damage your household electronics and cause electrical fires.”

Know what you can do here.

Any random tips for wires and electrical cords?

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All about Light Switches

Random Stories on Light Switches

I know another place to be

Switch and light up. (Photo Credits)

Light switches can be ignored as they can be plain and are routinely dealt with.

But they can be fab and fun too.

Just like this switch featured over at Nerd Approved. Electricians

“These Frankenstein light switch paddles are perfect for your basement laboratory. I would scream ‘It’s Alive’ every time I turn the lights on. Etsy shop 3D Printing Egg makes each light switch by request for single, double and triple setups, although the multi-switch plates look way more ominous. The ABS Plastic plates are shipped unpainted so you can color match your room perfectly.”

Take a look at the photo here.

Switching it up

The website vine featured a fun video clip for Star Wars fans. The video shows Yoda who is moving as if he is finding a light switch in a dark room.  Builders and Contractors 

“When you’re trying to find a light switch in the dark.”

Watch the clip here.

Related Electrical Repair Services meantime featured a video of a light switching that brought a happy holiday surprise.

“Unsuspecting New Yorkers were in for a Christmas treat when the discovered a giant light switch in a nearby park. And when they flipped it on…now THIS is my kind of Christmas surprise!”

Watch the video here.

What was the most unique light switch you have ever seen?

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Safety Tips during Power Outages

What to do during power black outs

Power Outage

Stay safe during power black outs. (Photo Credits)

Power outages may not be too common but it still happens, and at times it can be extended.

There are safety measures that should be implemented in any home during these occurrences to ensure the safety of homeowners and the longevity of appliances.

Property Casualty 360 shared tits readers tips on what to do before a power outage, during a power outage, and then after a power outage. Electricians

“Most parts of the U.S. are safe from snow and ice storms that can cause power outages.But in the summer months, you may face a blackout from heavy winds, thunderstorms or power system overload. You could even be dealing with a power outage caused by a car running into a utility pole.”

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Stay Safe

Kohler Generators also gave safety tips during extended black outs. Builders and Contractors 

“Turn off major appliances such as water heaters, stoves and air conditioning units. Unplug other appliances such as TVs, stereos, microwaves and computers. This will prevent damage to appliances and possible overloads to the system when power is restored.”

Check out the other tips here.

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Media outfit meantime gave food safety tips during extended power outages.

“Whether your power has been out for hours or days, it’s important to know what is still safe to eat and what needs to be thrown out. The Oklahoma City County Health Department said if the power is off for less than four hours, unopened food should be fine as long as it has not gotten above 40 degrees. A full freezer will keep food at a safe temperature for up to two days if you keep the door shut.”

Read the rest of the article here.

How do you keep safe during black-outs?

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How to stay safe when using home appliances

Safety in Home Appliance Use

The Kitchen: Chapter Six (Final Reveal!)

Safety is of utmost importance. (Photo Credits)

Home appliances provide utmost convenience to any homeowner. Safety rules, and common sense however have to be kept in mind to ensure the safety of the whole household when using home appliances. Builders and Contractors

The Sentinel reminded its readers about the safe use oof kitchen appliances that are basically left on its own while being used such as slow cookers. Electricians

“According to NFPA, slow cookers were involved in an estimated average of 150 reported home structure fires per year from 2007—2011, resulting in an average of 10 civilian injuries and $2 million in direct property damage annually. In terms of accidents, it ranks up there with other smaller household appliances you may not ever think of like your coffee maker or teapot, food warmer and hotplates, and kettles.”

Check out the tips here.

Prioritize Safety

MC2Inspections meantime reminds homewoners about the telltale signs that indicate a potential problem in a household appliance.
“An appliance which repeatedly blows a fuse or trips a circuit breaker could indicate a defect that may cause a fire or electrical shock. Unplug the appliance immediately and have it repaired or replace.”

Read more here.

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Local Media agency WTVM shared that there is a significant number of appliance—related fires that usually happen during the holidays.
“You’re cooking that Thanksgiving dinner and your heating element goes out, or it could be your washer or dryer. It happens seemingly out of nowhere. Appliances breaking down is something that can possibly be avoided, if you take the necessary precautions ahead of time, that’s according to Fox Appliance.”

Read the safety precautions you may want to observe here.

How do you safely use your appliances at home?

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