Off-the-Grid Air Conditioning and Electricians

DIY Solar-Powered Aircon Unit

Uk Solar Power Experiment

Sun-powered air cooler. (Photo Credits)

When trying to bring down utility costs it will always be a great idea to tap renewable energy. Solar power for instance is being used by more and more homes nowadays because it is a practical choice in the long run.

Air conditioning consumes a lot of power, and it may be best to try tapping renewable resources to power this home appliance. Builders and Contractors

Instructables gave a lowdown on how to make a do-it-yourself solar powered air conditioning unit.

“For 1 kilowatt and higher you want a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) charge controller. Basically it gives higher efficiency, can accept a higher voltage to deliver the amps into the battery bank. I use the outback flexmax 80amp mppt controller. It’s the best in class for the industry and it’s worth every cent of its cost. It’s fully programmable and can handle up to a 60 volt Dc battery bank.”

Electrician’s First Aid for Electric Shock

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How it is done

According to Green Building Elements, Solar Powered Air Conditioning is really great at lowering expenditures. Electricians

“The air conditioning system uses trough collectors to capture solar heat of around 150 to 200° C (302 to 392° F) and then store it in a 2,000-liter (528-US gal) thermal oil tank. Utilizing a heat cascading design, heat from the tank is used to heat the center’s ambient air in the winter and power an indirect evaporative cooler to cool the center in summer. The roof space required for the solar air-conditioning technology can be 40 percent less than a traditional single-stage desiccant system.”

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The website, The Homestead Survival shared a video guide in making an off-the grid air conditioning system.

What Electricians say about Power Fluctuation

“The author lives in an OTG home but tells how he did not believe that air conditioning could be run on this concept. Summer can become quite frustrating without some cooling relief and it can affect your health. It is hard to find sleep if you are too uncomfortable from the heat. This was the reason the author found a way to have an off grid air conditioner.”

Watch the video clip here.

Energy savings will always be worth the Do-It-Yourself effort.

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The Benefits of Hiring Electrician Contractors

Take advantage of the expertise and equipment

Commercial electrical contractor

The advantages of hiring expert electrical contractors. (Photo Credits)

Although electrical contractors and licensed electricians both carry out electrical jobs, there is still a marked difference between the two. For one, electrical contractors may be licensed professional electricians but not all licensed and certified electricians could call themselves electrical contractors. American Lighting Association  

This is because electrical contractors are running a business and could be already employing other electricians for specific projects. Licensed electricians on the other hand can undertake projects but may not be able to sub contract, and may not undertake big projects that would require industrial equipment.

The website First Class Portal enumerated the benefits of hiring electrical contractors. “Electrical contractors are adept when it happens to the new technologies connected to electrical systems. Actually, they usually attend refresher programs to produce on their own abreast aided by the most up-to-date in electrical programs and restore. It will enable them to very easily regulate to unique scenarios especially once they function with different households and buildings.”

Electrician’s Advice on Buying an Older Home

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Expert Service

The website Precision says hiring expert electricians will always be more efficient than undertaking an electrical project on one’s own no matter how much savings one initially foresees. Master Electrician

“If you DIY an electrical project or hire an inexperienced friend to handle it, odds are you may have to hire a professional anyway just to fix the job later. However, with a professional doing the job the first time, it should be done correctly with no need for last-minute emergency fixes later. Take it from experienced electricians: electricity-related surprises are the worst types of surprises.”

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Both certified electricians and electrical contractors on the other hand can undertake simple jobs. Just like home inspections, as published in the website Inside Dalton.

“Most people will do a home inspection prior to buying a home but very few will hire an electrician to do a thorough check of their home’s electrical.  A home inspector is not allowed to touch the electrical panel.  There are so many issues that can exist in your home’s electrical and if you work with an electrician in hand with a house inspector you will be able to identify all of the potential hazards that could lead to costly and even dangerous issues down the road.”

Electricians and Copper Wires

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Electrical contractors should always be the top of mind choice when it comes to long-drawn big projects that would require more expertise, and industrial equipment.

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Electricians and electrical contractors

All about a career in the industry

What is in store for electricians and contractors? (Photo Credits)

Being an electrician or becoming an electrical contractor is never easy. It may be a high paying job, but it has its own share of risks.

The good thing about it though is that it is a highly specialized skill that relatively pays well. In England, the website Construction Enquirer reported that there is a surge in the demand for electrical work. American Lighting Association 

“Latest research from the Electrical Contractors’ Association showed the industry’s smaller and major players were the strongest performers in the final quarter of 2015.”

Electricians and Copper Wires

Check out the report here.

Possible shortage of workers

The Southwire Blog meantime shared that they have started conducting trainings in partnership with other organizations to plug a potential shortage for electricians. Master Electrician

“The construction industry could face a shortage of more than 1.6 million workers over the next half decade. Despite offering high wages for in-demand and highly skilled positions, 600,000 skilled jobs are going unfilled, and 10 million new tradespeople are needed by 2020. Southwire, among other forward-looking companies, is preparing young workers to fill that potential skills gap through training and apprenticeship programs. To build strong relationships with younger, less experienced electricians, we are collaborating with National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) to train the next generation of electrical workers.”

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Business Journal Daily meantime featured an endeavor of a group of electrical contractors and electricians in helping out their fellow workers in the industry.

“A joint labor-management committee of union electricians and electrical contractors in the Mahoning Valley has established a scholarship at Youngstown State University to help its members earn college degrees. The Mahoning Valley LMCC (Labor Management Cooperation Committee) Scholarship was funded by an endowment from International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 64 in Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association. The scholarship will be awarded beginning in the fall semester of 2016.”

Electrician Installs Garage Lighting

Read the whole feature here.

Electrical work is indeed in demand nowadays.

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